Haemophilus influenza (Sterile Sites)  

IMPORTANT! Pre-approval needed from state or local health department. Local or State Health Department. Send approval to NPHL@unmc.edu or call (402) 559-9444.

NPHL has moved to an electronic ordering system, NUlirt, and it is now the preferred method to order all tests. Once ordered, print a "batch list" (see NUlirt Guide).

Forms Required - Nulirt batch list or NPHL Test Request Form (completed in entirety) must accompany the specimen to include the following information: symptoms and date of onset, pregnancy status, travel and vaccine history. Testing will not be performed without all required information.

Please call NPHL Client Services at (402) 559-2440 or toll free at (800) 334-0459 for further clarification.


Test: Haemophilus influenza (Sterile Sites)  
Synonym: H. influenza, H flu, Flu  
Method: Banking, PCR and serotyping  
  • No pre-approval needed
  • Order NPHLBK and CDCSO in NUlirt
  • Supplemental form: Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD)
  • Test performed Monday-Friday
  • Turnaround time 2 days for PCR, 5 days for serotyping
  • Isolates from sterile sites only and CSF
Collection Device:
  • Isolate on media slant of plate
  • Cerebral Spinal fluid
  • Seal with Parafilm™ or tape
  • Test subject to CLIA regulations and require 2 patient identifiers on container and requisiton forms
  • 500 µL of CSF
  • Samples stored incorrectly, non-sterile site isolate
Specimen Stability:
  • Freeze CSF at -40 ºC
Reference Interval:  
Reportable Disease:  
Comments: Test performed at the Minnesotat Department of Health, Public Health Laboratory, St. Paule, MN Submit all specimens through the NPHL, NOT directly to Minnesota  
Revised: 3/25/2024 
If you have questions about proper specimen collection, please call NPHL Client Services at (402) 559-2440 or toll free at (800) 334-0459.