Rule Out & Refer


If a sentinel laboratory suspects an organism to be a hazardous (bioterrorism) pathogen, use the emergency pager number (402) 888-5588 where you will be given guidance to order testing and shipping to NPHL. Please fill out the NPHL Test Request Form and send a copy with the shipment.

Do you have a suspected BT agent? Remember:

  • All manipulation must be done in biosafety cabinet.
  • Follow rule-out & refer procedures.
  • Contact NPHL personnel by calling the emergency pager.
  • Ship pure isolate to NPHL via an exclusive courier.
  • Document courier transfer with NPHL courier by saving shipping documents for 2 years.
  • Secure all potential BT organism and residual samples.
  • Document personnel with access to agent.
  • Document personnel who have worked outside of biosafety cabinet.

Rule out and Refer Guides for Potential Bioterrorism Organisms:


Other References:


Do you have a confirmed BT agent?