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Gram Stain Challenge – February 14, 2024

  • Participating Labs:

    • Please perform a Gram stain on the specimen slides you have received per your laboratory policy.  

    • Share with staff who read Gram stains and discuss before resulting.  

    • Please use this link to record results:  

    • If your laboratory has STATPack™ Lite, please use this time to take a photo of each Gram stain and send it to us.  

    • Only one survey response per laboratory.  

    • Results due by Tuesday, February 23, 2024. 

BT Rule out and Refer Workshop

  • Dates and Times TBD
  • Contact if you are interested in this workshop

Nebraska Challenge Set Exercise – May 2024

  • Shipping Date TBD
  • Review TBD

2023 Nebraska Challenge Set Review


Gram Stain Webinar for the Generalist