Dedicated to protecting the health and safety
of Nebraskans through diagnostic laboratory
science, technology, and education.

Last Updated 01/05/2023

  • Gram Stain Webinar for the Laboratory Generalist
  • 2023 Nebraska Challenge Set Training
  • 2022 Nebraska Challenge Set Training
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  • NPHL LRN Rule Out Webinar 2023
  • NPHL LRN Rule Out/ Refer webinar 2021.
  • Influenza Training Webinar Presentation and Handout (January 30, 2019)


    Quarterly State Laboratory Conference Call


    Founded in 2002, The Center for Biopreparedness Education meets Nebraska’s need for biopreparedness education, training and resources. In response to federal and state initiatives to establish and improve the public health system’s response to biological events, Nebraska Health and Human Services commissioned the state’s two medical schools – University of Nebraska Medical Center and Creighton University Medical Center – to join forces to form The Center for Biopreparedness Education, which is under the direction of the Chiefs of the Infectious Disease Departments at both medical centers and a multi agency consortium.

    In addition to providing training and presentations, The Center for Biopreparedness Education houses the nation’s only free standing library devoted exclusively to information on chemical, biological, nuclear/radiological, and explosive events.


    Origination Date Material Type Title of Material
    2012 Slides CDC level 3 Chemical Terrorism Hospital Preparedness Training