Dedicated to protecting the health and safety
of Nebraskans through diagnostic laboratory
science, technology, and education.
Nebraska Public Health Laboratory
Mailing Address (*not for specimen shipping)
985900 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5900
NPHL Email (non-emergency) -
Office Phone: (402) 559-9444
Fax: (402) 559-7799

NPHL 24/7 EMERGENCY PAGER: (402) 888-5588
  • All Drills and Exercises
  • Biological Terrorism Events
  • Chemical Terrorism Events
  • Infectious Pathogens Outbreaks
  • LRN Rule Out and Refer Suspected Pathogens

NPHL Client Services/NUlirt Support
Main Line: (402) 559-2440
Toll-Free: (866) 290-1406
Call Pager: (402) 888-2086
Fax: (402) 559-9497

STATPack Technical Service: (402) 559-5171
NUlirt Support:

Packages going by FedEx or NPHL Ground, ship to address:
Client Services
Nebraska Public Health Laboratory
4400 Emile Street MSB 3500
Omaha, NE 68105

*Courier must be specifically trained and licensed to transport Category A. Do not use routine NPHL courier.

Nebraska Medicine
Main Phone: (402) 552-2000
Fax: (402) 552-3133

NPHL Staff

Lab Director
Peter Iwen, Ph.D, D(ABMM)
Tel: 402-559-7774
Pager: 402-888-3504
State Training Coordinator
Karen Stiles, SM(ASCP)CM
Tel: 402-559-3590
Pager: 402-888-0128

Assistant Director
Business Manager

Anthony R. Sambol, MA, M(ASCP), CBSP(ABSA)
Tel: 402-559-3032
Pager: 402-888-8043

Laboratory Manager- NPHL and NPSL
Quality Manager- NPSL

Emily McCutchen, MS
Tel: 402-559-9691
Pager: 402-888-4598

Administrative Assistant
Tom Steinmeyer
Tel: 402-559-9424

Supervisor, NPSL and NPHL
Chemistry Section

Greg Beall, BS
Tel: 402-559-2191
Pager: 402-888-4595

Biology Section

Amanda Bartling, MS
Tel: 402-559-3583
Pager: 402-888-2544

Other Contacts

Chairman, Department of Pathology and Microbiology
Dr. Joseph Khoury, MD
Tel : (402)-559-7255

IT Support
Scott Campbell, PhD, MBA
Tel: 402-559-9593

Clinical Consultant
Steven H. Hinrichs, M.D.
Tel: 402-559-7255

IT Support
Nick Staffend, MS

Client Service Coordinator
Brian N. Lenz, MT(ASCP)
Tel: 402-559-7897

Client Service and Account Manager
Dana El-Hajjar, MBA, BS
Tel: 402-559-9129

Client Services Assistant Manager
Jessica Carr
Tel: 402-559-6420

Associate Director, Regional Pathology Services
Theresa Faure
Tel: 402-559-7671
Pager: 402-888-0595

Last Updated 05/31/2020