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NPHL CLSI Standard Updates (M100-S19), 2009 Teleconference

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Post Challenge Set Exercise Teleconference, Fall 2008

November 21 , 2008

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Fax completed sign-in sheet to 402-559-7799.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Workshop


MRSA, Management and Prevention of a Problematic Pathogen, Mark Rupp, MD

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The Microbiology of MRSA and New Detection MethodologiesPaul Fey, PhD

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NPHL Listserv Available


The NPHL has established a Listserv to enhance laboratory communications. The NPHL Listserv will serve as a means by which laboratorians can join and participate in the exchange of ideas and information about general laboratory issues, to ask questions, and to share best practice methods as well as discuss laboratory problems.


Subscription to the NPHL Listserv can be accomplished by clicking on the following link.

The Center for Biopreparedness Education

Founded in 2002, The Center for Biopreparedness Education meets Nebraska’s need for biopreparedness education, training and resources.

In response to federal and state initiatives to establish and improve the public health system’s response to biological events, Nebraska Health and Human Services commissioned the state’s two medical schools – University of Nebraska Medical Center and Creighton University Medical Center – to join forces to form The Center for Biopreparedness Education, which is under the direction of the Chiefs of the Infectious Disease Departments at both medical centers and a multi agency consortium.

In addition to providing training and presentations, The Center for Biopreparedness Education houses the nation’s only free standing library devoted exclusively to information on chemical, biological, nuclear/radiological, and explosive events.

NPHL Breakout Session PowerPoint Presentations - 2008 Symposia Series

New Resistance in Gram Negative Pathogens by Baha Abdalhamid, PhD

Resistance to ß-lactam Antibiotics within the Enterobacteriaceae by Paul Fey, PhD

TB in Nebraska, New Challenges and Solutions by Bob Wickert

What’s All the Fuss About Clostridium difficile? by Peter Iwen, PhD

Testing Algorithm for Detection of Shiga Toxin Producing E. coli, Unraveling the Complexity by Paul Fey, PhD

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NE TRAIN is a Learning Management System (LMS) that has recently been made available through the Nebraska Center for Bioterrorism Education (NCBE).  NE TRAIN is part of a national effort to provide and track training opportunities for health care professionals.  Subject areas included are: Public Health, Disaster and Emergency Management, Bioterrorism, and Emergency Response Information.  Audiences include laboratorians, public health professionals, first responders, and emergency personnel.




The National Laboratory Training Network (NLTN), dedicated to improving laboratory practice of public health significance through quality continuing education, is a training system sponsored by the:

Association of Public Health Laboratories and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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