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Testing available from the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory must be authorized by the appropriate state screening program, state epidemiologist, or local health department. Questions regarding the investigation of reportable disease should be directed to the appropriate county or state epidemiologist. Some tests require special forms and patient history. This will be stated with the appropriate tests. Testing will not be performed if information is missing.

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CDC Specimen Submission Form (DASH)

NPHL Test Request Form (fillable form)

Molecular Detection of Carbapenemase Supplemental Form

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) Supplemental Form

Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) Form

AFB / Mycobacterium Identification

Antibiotic Resistance Confirmation Test

Blood Culture, Aerobic and Anaerobic

Bordetella pertussis Culture

Bordetella pertussis DNA Detection

Borrelia burgdorferi Antibodies, Total

Carbapenemase Molecular Detection

Chlamydia Trachomatis Culture

Chlamydia trachomatis / Neisseria. gonorrhoeae DNA

Chikungunya Virus Antibody, IgM

Chikungunya Virus RNA Detection

Corynebacterium diphtheria Culture

Cryptosporidium / Giardia Antigen Screen

Culture, Aerobic with Gram Stain

Culture, AFB, Blood

AFB Culture w/ Smear

Culture, Anaerobic and Aerobic with Gram Stain

Dengue Virus Antibodies, IgG & IgM

Dengue Virus RNA Detection

Escherichia coli (Hemorrhagic) Culture, Stool

Fungus Culture, Blood

Fungus Culture, Dermatophyte

Fungus Culture, General

Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel

Gonorrhea Culture

Haemophilus influenza Type B Serotyping

Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total (IgG, IgM)

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

Hepatitis C Antibody

Herpes Simplex Virus Culture

HIV 1,2 Antibody Confirmation

HIV-1 RNA Quantitation, Ultrasensitive

HIV Antigen/Antibody Screen

Influenza A & B Virus Antibodies, IgG

Influenza A & B Virus Antibodies, IgM

Influenza Type A and Influenza Type B Antigen Detection

Influenza Virus RNA Detection

Lead, Blood

Lead, Filter Paper Blood Spot

Legionella Culture

Legionella pneumophila Antigen, Urine

Malaria Exam, Blood

Measles Virus Antibody, IgG

Measles Virus Antibody, IgM

Measles Virus PCR Detection

Mumps Virus Antibody, IgG

Mumps Virus Antibody, IgM

Mumps Virus Culture

Mumps Virus RNA Detection

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Genotyping

Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Amplified Direct Detection                                  

Neisseria meningitides Serotyping

Norovirus RNA Direct Detection

Ova & Parasite, Stool, Complete, Foreign Travel

Ova and Parasite, Stool for Cyclospora & Isospora (Cystoisospora) Stain                                                                                Top of Page

Reportable Diseases, Isolate Confirmation

Respiratory Pathogens Panel

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Direct Antigen Detection

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Antibodies, IgG & IgM

Rubella Virus Antibody, IgG

Rubella Virus Antibody, IgM

Salmonella Serotyping

ShigaToxin EIA (E. coli) Proof-of-Cure, SHIGA

Shigella Serotyping

Stool Culture

Syphilis IgG

TB Interferon Antigen Response

Treponemal Antibody (FTA) Absorption, IgG

Vibrio Culture

Viral Culture, General

West Nile Virus Antibody, IgG & IgM, CSF

West Nile Virus Antibody, IgG & IgM, Serum

West Nile Virus RNA Detection, Blood

West Nile Virus RNA Detection, Other Specimens

Yersinia culture

Zika Virus Antibody, IgM

Zika Virus RNA Detection

If you have questions about other tests that are not listed here, please call

NPHL Client Services at 402-559-2440 or toll free at 1-866-290-1406.

Last Updated 01/22/2019